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Uniquely selling stock to buyers and abattoirs across the country

This successful market owes its success to Stags' team of efficient, experienced and knowledgeable auctioneers. By offering competitive live and deadweight pricing, together with prompt payment, Stags has made the market extremely popular with both vendors and major abattoirs across the UK.

At present we are collecting cows every Monday morning. To receive the up to date text prices, please contact the office 01769 572042 or email auctions@stags.co.uk

We are very much hoping to be at our new site, collecting both sheep and cattle, in the coming months. 

Every Thursday, Stags conducts a weekly collection of rearing calves in association with Blade Farming, with an average weekly entry of 120 calves. Blade Farming is one of the largest buyers of dairy-bred calves in the UK. Regular collections are held on a Friday of TB-restricted rearing calves.

For further information about our calf collections and up-to-date prices, please contact Ian Ellicott 07919 210295 or visit Blade Farming.