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Compulsory Purchase & Compensation

Good advice, obtained early enough, leads to fair compensation and minimum disruption.

Stags has been involved with a number of compensation issues, from the capitalisation of electricity pylons and wires, to negotiations with a utility company wanting to lay new pipelines across clients' land.

We calculate compensation under several heads of claim including the value of any land taken, the cost of rectifying damage caused, loss of income/crops including any potential future losses, client's time spent on the project, and any professional fees incurred. We have represented hundreds of property owners whose property has been devalued by a public scheme (usually a road) by submitting a claim under Part 1 of the LCA 1973. Stags' wealth of property sale evidence has helped us gain excellent results for our clients.

If you are looking for advice relating to a compensation issue, it is important to remember that our professional fees will normally be covered by the utility company.

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