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Shermans Farm, Gittisham, Honiton EX14 3AU

Dispersal Sale of 4 Tractors, Farm Machinery & Implements, Milking Parlour & Parlour Equipment, Cow Cubicles, Cattle & Calf Equipment, General Equipment & Surplus Straw

For Messrs K W & J M Hulbert Ltd (relinquishing the farm tenancy) 4 TRACTORS:

Massey Ferguson 6475 Dyna 6 4WD 40K Tractor (WA11 BGX/ 3670 Hours on clock 
Massey Ferguson 5475 Dyna 4 4WD 40K Tractor c/w MF 965 Loader (WA10 FFB/ 5759 Hours on clock)
Massey Ferguson 6270 Power Control 4WD Tractor (WJ02 YYD/ 3233 Hours on clock – 8500 Hours believed on 1st Clock/ Tractor on the farm since new/ Handbrake not working)
Tafe 45D 2WD Tractor (63 Plate/ 3511 Hours on clock) 
All Tractors are serviced each year by MST


TO FIT MF 5475:
alo 6ft Bucket (Euro Brackets)
Double Bale Spike

2005 Hi Spec 14 Mixmax Feeder Mixer Wagon
2015 Abbey 2000 Slurry Tanker
2010 Abbey 2000 Slurry Tanker
Marshall Slurry Tanker
West 1600 Dual Muck Spreader c/w Top Extension
Amazone ZA-M 1201 S500 SBS Twin Disc Fertilizer (3 years old/ Tested each year for spread pattern/ 12m & 24m Sets of Discs)
Richford 1 Tonne RHPSB 1000 Bag Lifter
Kerston Pedestrian Sawdust Dispenser & Brush c/w 3 year old Kubota Diesel Engine
Hardi 10m Sprayer c/w Allman Bout Marker (Not used in last 2-3 years)
Twose Yardscrape (3 years old)
Moulton Yardscrape
Vicon Vari-Spreader
PZ Haybob
1996 Dowdeswell DP100 5 Furrow Reversible Plough
Browns Mole Plough
Watson 3m Lead Ballast Roller c/w Offset Drawbar
Watson 3m Ballast Roller
Woods 4m Multi Till One Pass Cultivator
Woods 3.4m Multi Till One Pass Cultivator
McConnel 3 Leg Shakerator
Kongskilde 9ft Vibraflex Cultivator c/w Extension to cover 11ft
MF 754 3m Spring Tyne Cultivator
Parmiter Folding Drag Harrows
MF 38 Cultivator
SKH Twin Crumbler
Taarup 814 Round Bale Straw Chopper
Teagle PTO Small Bale Chopper
Lawrence Edwards PTO Sawbench




Smyth Farmer 10 Tonne Twin Axle Silage Trailer; Weeks 8 Tonne Tipping Grain Trailer; 12ft Ifor Williams Twin Axle Livestock Trailer; John Shepherd Rectangular Feed Trailer; 12ft Single Axle Bale Trailer; Logic ATV Trailer; Water Bowser on Single Axle Trailer


Fullwood 22/44 Swingover Herringbone Milking Parlour c/w Vaccar MM85m Clusterflush, Separate Dumpline for Antibiotic Milk, Separate Jet Line, 2 Reception Tanks, Feed Troughs & Steelwork; 14,500l Vaccar Bulk Milk Tank c/w Compressor, Loheat Water Heater & Washer; 8,400l Fabdec Ltd Dari-Kool Bulk Milk Tank; Fabdec Ltd Dari-Kool 100kw Ice Builder (needs new pump); Cotswold Water Heater c/w Stand; Double Plate Cooler (Mains Water & Ice Builder Water); Milk Filter; Volume Washer Pump; Heat Exchanger; Draper 150l Compressor (for Cluster Flush); 2 Fullwood Compressors (to run Parlour); 2 Compressors (for Ice Builder & 8400l Tank); Goossen-Moover 24ft Electric Backing Gate; Kovec Foam System; 57 Rubber Parlour Mats (25 Large/ 32 Small – all approx. 4 years old); 16 Old Parlour Feed Hoppers; Parlour Roll

Malgar 130,000 Gallon Slurry Store (on behalf of Combe Estate)



Situated in Main Cubicle Shed
74 Cubicle Mattresses Only (Approx 4 years old) 
74 Cubicle Mattresses Only (Approx 4 years old) 
18 Cubicles (Put in 1996)
18 Cubicles (Put in 1996)
18 Cubicle Mattreses (Put in 1996)
18 Cubicle Mattreses (Put in 1996)
2 Lots of 74 Cubicles (On behalf of Combe Estate)


Situated in Old Silage Clamp Shed
52 Continuous Rubber Matting with Latex Pads/Mats (Approx. 5 years old)
52 Loose Rubber Cover (Approx 20 years old) 

Situated in Top Shed
80 Cubicle Mattresses (Approx. 4 years old/ had 3 years use)

140 Padded Mats 
Qty Rubber Mats


8 50kg John Deere Tractor Weights; Link Box; 6ft Digger Bucket; Twose Bale Spike; President Roller Mill; Homemade Cement Mixer; 30kVA Lister PTO Generator; 


Bateman Cattle Crush; Wopa Cattle Foot Trimming Crush; Cattle Crush; Metal Gates & Hurdles to make Calf Pens etc; 2 Electric Cow Brushes (Not Working); 3 John PollockWooden; Cow Brushes; 9 John Shepherd 15ft Cattle Feed Barriers & Troughs; 6 400 & 500 Gallon Concrete Water Troughs; 20 Tonne Mollasses Tank & Stand (approx. 8 years old); 10 Tonne Mollasses Tank & Stand (approx. 15 years old); 8-10 Tonne Freestanding; Cake Bin; 20 Wydale Calf Feeders; 2 Hook on Metal Calf Feeders; 6 3 Teat & 10 2 Teat Plastic Calf Feeders; Heavy Duty Calving Aid; 3 Plastic Footbaths (2 Large/ 1 Single); 2 Cattle Round Feeders; Cow Hoist & Cow Belly Hoist


Qty Metal Yard Gates; Approx 20 Motorway Barriers; 2 2500l Titan Diesel Tanks; 2 Concrete Silage Pit Panels; 20 Concrete Sleepers; Approx 400 Concrete Sleepers (currently in the ground to make track); 10 Green Silage Sheet Covers; Round Goat Feeder; 8; Sodium Lights; Extension Spout to Slurry Tanker; Concrete Pig Slats; 8 Electric Fence Units; Large Qty Wooden Stakes; Large Qty Electric Fencing Stakes & Rolls of Electric Wire; 6 Plastic Water Troughs & Stands; Rolls of Wire Netting; 6 Lengths Pressure Pipe; Blue Alcathene Pipe (various sizes); Bags of Rock Salt; Bags of Lime; Dumpy Bags of Firewood; Various Spare Tyres; PTO Shafts; Pedestal Grain Drier; Cultivator & Plough Spares; Scrap Iron; Workshop Tools & Equipment; IBC Tanks; Drainpipe and many other lots

10’ x 8’ Greenhouse; 15 Chicken Sheds (some with runs)

Believed to be 150 6 String Big Bales of 2017 Barley Straw
To be removed no later than Friday 23rd March 2018
Approx 200 Tonnes of 2017 Clamp Silage (analysis at the time of sale)

Top Ten Prices:

£30,000 - 2011 Massey Ferguson 6475 Dyna-6 Tractor (WA11 BEX/3724 hours on clock)

£26,500 - 2010 Massey Ferguson 5475 Dyna-4 Tractor c/w MF865 Loader (WA10 FFB/5798 hours on clock)

£10,750 - Massey Ferguson 6270 Power Control 4WD Tractor (WJ02 YYD/3242 hours on clock)

£7,500 Complete Fulwood 22/44 Parlour

£5,978 - 29 Bales of 2017 Barley Straw @ £56 per bale

£5,900 - Tafe 45D 2WD Tractor (63 plate/3511 hours on clock)

£5,000 - 2915 Abbey 2000 Gallon Vacuum Tanker

£4,600 - Smyth Farmer 11 Tonne Silage Trailer

£4,000 - 14,500 litre Vaccar Bulk Milk Silo c.w compressor & Lowheat Water Heater

£4,000 - 2015 Abbey 2000 Gallon Vacuum Tanker