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Top Tips Series: Reasons to buy land

Throughout 2020 Stags Farm Agency Department has continued to experience strong demand for all types of land, large and small. So, why do people to buy land?

1. Expansion
Farmers want to enlarge their farming acreage to increase production and spread fixed costs over a larger acreage. Despite uncertainty from Brexit many farming businesses are still keen to expand and prefer to purchase rather than rent land.

2. Investment
Land continues to be a safe investment and has historically maintained its value through uncertain times. In addition, the tax benefits of being able to roll over capital gains or obtain Agricultural Property Relief for Inheritance tax, attract non-farmer buyers to agricultural land.

3. Carbon Offset
A number of companies and individuals are now purchasing land for the creation of woodland or existing woodland in order to offset their carbon footprint.

4. Recreation/Self-sufficiency
Individuals are attracted to smaller parcels to create a smallholding, often to grow vegetables, plant trees or a space for children and dogs to exercise.

5. Horse grazing
Equestrian buyers want smaller parcels close to their home to keep their horses, as well as good out riding.

If you are looking for land to buy or would like information on current land values please feel free to contact Stags Farm Agency on 01392 680059 or 01872 264488.