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To move, or to extend, that is the question...

To move, or to extend, that is the question...

Jessica Attrill BA Hons Assoc CIAT of the Stags Planning and Design department, discusses the benefits of extending your current home over moving house.

As we move through spring and into the summer months, you may be considering a move for many reasons. We find our clients needing to upsize can be torn between whether to consider selling their current home, or looking at other options, which can include the possibility of an extension.

According to TSB Bank, two in five homeowners would rather build extensions than move house. In May 2019, Permitted Development Rights were subject to new regulations, altering planning laws that impact extensions. TSB’s research reveals the public’s opinion on these new laws and whether it would affect people’s decision to extend.

For those who would prefer to extend rather than move, the main reasons for their decision were their attachment to their current home (50%), the cost of moving being too expensive (49%) and the locality of their current home being better than other locations (25%).

Evidently, the cost of moving house is a major issue for homeowners, and is a reason for many people choosing to extend instead. With this in mind, homeowners are likely to be moving their attention to the costs involved in extending, which can differ depending on a variety of reasons. These range from location, the kind of structure, size, how complicated planning permission is and the level of demand for the type of home being built. Such factors can have significant financial implications on extending versus moving. However, a house extension can be a reasonable and cost-effective way of improving a property’s market value which could be looked at as a positive investment in the long run.

Before embarking on an extension route, it is crucial to understand the local policies and regulations that could influence the project. Planners and designers help you navigate what can often be a complicated planning process by helping you build a home that not only meets your aesthetic vision, but also conforms to local policies. If you are interested in extending your home, contact the Stags Planning and Design team at  or 01392 439046.