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Tips to take care of your home over winter

Tips to take care of your home over winter

Winter can be a lovely time of year; Christmas is nearly upon us, the darker evenings can be spent relaxing by the fire and you can enjoy going outside in the brisk fresh air knowing you have a lovely warm home to return to.

However, this time of year can also bring with it burst pipes, broken boilers and damp homes. Here are some of our top tips to help avoid these issues and keep your home well-maintained and cosy over the winter months.


Clear your gutters

Clear any rubbish/leaves from your gutters to prevent a build-up which could result in gutters collapsing, or the water finding a way inside your home and causing damp. This can be a tricky job, especially if it is at a high height, so a professional may need to be called in.


Service your boiler

It’s advisable to get your boiler serviced once a year. This will give you peace of mind that it won’t let you down in the colder months, and that it is also operating safely with no leaks.


Sweep your chimney

This is best done in the pre-winter months, but is important to keep on top of all year round. Regular sweeping removes soot, bird nests, cobwebs and other blockages. It also removes creosote, which will help to prevent chimney fires.


Get your garden ready

Making sure your garden is clear and clean is a good idea. Secure anything that could be swept away by the wind such as trampolines, garden furniture and wheelie bins. Buying weather-proof covers for anything that could rust or get damaged by rain, such as barbecues, can help prolong their life.


Look after your pipes

In really cold weather, the water in your pipes may freeze causing them to burst. Insulating your pipes can reduce the loss of heating and also prevent them freezing and bursting. Additionally, keeping the heating on at a low level, even when you’re away from the property, will help maintain a consistent temperature around the pipes and help prevent them from freezing.


Bleed your radiators

If your home feels cold even though the heating is on and seems to be working, you might need to bleed your radiators. If your radiator feels hot at the bottom and colder at the top, then it needs bleeding. If it doesn’t feel hot at all, you’ll need to ask a professional for their advice.


Prepare for power cuts

Power cuts can be even more of an inconvenience in winter due to the colder temperatures and earlier sunsets. To help look after yourself and your property, familiarise yourself with the fuse box and where to report a power cut. Stashing away torches and charged power banks will make the process a lot easier!


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