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The nuts and bolts of obtaining listed building consent

The nuts and bolts of obtaining listed building consent

Can you get planning permission on a listed buildingJoe Yardley, of our planning and design team, discusses the implications of developing a listing building and how Stags assisted a recent client in obtaining it.

There are numerous restrictions applied to the development of a listed building. Indeed, under the Planning act 1990 (Listed Buildings and Conservation Area), any person found guilty of undertaking unauthorised works to a listed building, faces serious legal implications. These restrictions apply to both large external works and much smaller, often surprising developments.

To develop a listed building lawfully, you would need to look into applying for listed building consent (LBC) which is required, and is often run concurrently, with an application for planning consent for the works proposed. This can be a lengthy and often complicated process with pitfalls along the way.Can you get planning permission on a grade 2 listed building?

However, these restrictions are not insurmountable and certainly should not be viewed as a reason to avoid buying a dream home which also happens to be a listed building.

Can you get planning permission on a listed buildingWith regard to the minutiae of obtaining listed building consent, the Planning and Design team at Stags have recently gained retrospective LBC for an external boiler on a listed building in the East Devon District Council (EDDC) area. The owner of the property presumed that for development as small as this, he was well within his rights to simply install the unit without contacting EDDC. However, upon learning of this intervention, the EDDC informed him of his duty to apply for consent. Our client felt that the very specific information which must be included within the application for LBC was a “bridge-too-far” for him to undertake the application himself and thus called upon Stags expertise to obtain the LBC for the site.

With careful collaboration with the client and meticulous historical research, Stags acquired consent. This allowed the client to continue using his stylish C18 barn conversion as a highly desirable residence.

If you are thinking of buying a listed building but have concerns about obtaining listed building consent or would like professional advice on the matter, please contact Joe Yardley of Stags Planning and Design department via or 01392 439046.