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The end of an era: Delinked payments and what comes next

The end of an era: Delinked payments and what comes next

As readers may be aware, 2023 marks the end of an era, being the last year that annual Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) applications need to be submitted for those claiming to receive payment.

From 2024 onwards, payments will be ‘delinked’, meaning claimants need not occupy land, hold entitlements or submit an application; monies will instead be paid automatically, with the progressively reduced payments based upon the claimant’s average claim during the three reference years (2020 – 2022). However, to receive these monies, claimants must submit an eligible BPS application this year.

From the above, we can draw two important messages:

1.     With 2024 BPS payments equalling half or less of an applicant’s 2020 payment, the time to think about alternative sources of income is now.

2.     Ensuring your BPS claim is completed and submitted properly has never been more important; those who fail to submit an eligible claim this year will be unable to claim the delinked payments from 2024 to 2027.

Now for the good news!

There are a number of schemes, new and existing, that can smooth the transition away from area-based payments, including Countryside Stewardship, the Sustainable Farming Incentive and the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund, under which there is a trend towards greater flexibility and higher payments. Better still, Stags can assist with all of these!

For assistance submitting your 2023 BPS application or for advice on agri-environmental/productivity schemes, contact Stags Professional Services on 01392 439046 to be put in touch with your local professional.