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Refresh your home this Spring

Refresh your home this Spring

Sprucing up your home after the winter months has always been a great way to inject life and love back into your interiors. As longer days and warmer weather arrive, rejuvenating your home to reflect that can be a great way to start the new season.

Here are some simple tips to help refresh your home this Spring.


Have a ‘Spring clean’

Likely to be considered the least fun on this list; it is a good place to start so that you have a clean canvas to work your magic on this Spring!

Dust, wash, hoover and mop until your house is gleaming. Now is a good time to also catch up on cleaning chores that are carried out less regularly, such as cleaning your windows, shampooing your carpets and vacuuming mattresses.


Declutter and organise

Spring is about freshness, so take this opportunity to do a proper clear-out. Sell or donate things you no longer have use for and pack away any winter items. Decluttering your home may also mean investing in new storage solutions, such as furniture with built-in storage to cleverly hide it away whilst keeping it accessible.



Bring the outside in

Plants and cut flowers can add a splash of colour and vibrancy to a room, as well as a lovely fresh fragrance!

Get the windows open too, allowing fresh air to blow life into your home.


Spruce up the garden

Simply sweeping up the leaves and cutting back any plants that didn’t make it through winter can instantly brighten your garden. Power washing the patio will clear off any grime and get you ready for outside entertaining again.

Consider planting some flowering plants or installing some hanging baskets to kickstart that bright spring feeling.



If you have a weekend to spare, consider repainting a room for a complete makeover.

If you have more of a time constraint, consider painting skirting boards, or your front door instead, for a quicker splash of colour. Touching up any chipped paint can also help breathe new life into your home.




Changing a duvet, cushions, curtains or rug can completely refresh your space. It doesn’t have to be a new colour scheme, it could be brighter or lighter shades, or different textures. You don’t even need to buy anything new, you could just switch accessories around from different rooms.

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