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Pursuing the equestrian dream

Pursuing the equestrian dream

Jemima Sains of Stags Tavistock office describes her pursuit of the ‘country life’ in the West Country and the equestrian journey that it led her on.

Having moved from Surrey to the West Country in 2007 to pursue the 'country life' (didn’t we all!) I look back now and think wow, what an opportunity to have taken without hesitation!

The West Country is a eutopia for equestrians, offering a large range of equestrian activities, facilities and, ultimately, the ideal lifestyle.

On our travels exploring our new home town, we connected with some very interesting individuals who really opened our eyes to the equestrian world, which introduced us to understanding and communicating with our horses. Then our incredible journey ‘engaged its hind end’ and took off!

We began with Natural Horsemanship, an intelligent and compassionate method of horse training that creates a personal bond and relationship between horse and human; I tailored this method into a way that suited my horses and I.

The Natural Horsemanship scene is expanding rapidly throughout the West Country, especially with our local equestrian centres such as Cholwell Equestrian Centre, The Grange Equestrian Centre near Okehampton, Tall Trees Arena just over the border into Cornwall and The Horse Place in Hartland, with clinics being held by instructors across Devon.

In 2022, I purchased my dream horse, Ganadero, a 9-year-old PRE, who moved over from Malaga in February 2022. Now, the reason for my love and passion towards Iberian horses all developed from various Iberian Shows around the West Country, each show dedicated to the Iberian bloodline and magnificent talent from across the world. Whilst connecting with Iberian owners, I was introduced to Working Equitation, which is also growing in popularity in The West Country, again with clinics being held across Devon and parts of Cornwall. Working Equitation is a test of the horse’s temperament and training, the rider’s skill and ability and, of course, the relationship between horse and rider combining dressage with obstacles…in three stages!

I am extremely grateful that, as a family, we made the move down to the West Country; we have not looked back! With a dedicated Equestrian property department, Stags is best equipped to find your dream equestrian home.

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