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Have you considered letting your property on a long term basis?

Have you considered letting your property on a long term basis?

Letting your property on a longer term basis may not be something that you have considered before, particularly during the past few years when holidays in the UK have become increasingly popular. However, some holiday cottage and second home owners are now considering alternative options for their properties.

Letting a property on a longer-term basis can provide benefits which you may wish to consider and we have outlined some of these below.

Fewer void periods: With a longer term tenancy, the same tenant will be in occupation for a greater period of time which in turn results in fewer, if any, void periods.

No more utility bills: When a longer term tenant is in situ, the utility bills become their responsibility to pay.

No need to supply furniture or white goods: You have the choice to offer the property as furnished or unfurnished and there is no responsibility on you to supply the property with white goods if they are not already present.

Less maintenance: It is up to the tenants to look after the general upkeep of the property and garden, resulting in less work for you as the landlord. 

No change over days: With longer term tenants, you no longer have change-over days to oversee or fund.

Stable income: Most importantly, deciding to let your property on a longer term basis can provide you with a stable income.

We are finding our lettings agents talking more regularly to landlords who are considering their medium and longer term letting options, whether this be for the winter period or, in some cases, long term. 

If you have a property and are wanting to discuss your current options,or you are thinking about plans for later in the year, contact your local branch and speak with a knowledgeable member of our team who will be happy to help.