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Changes to Class Q Planning Permissions

Changes to Class Q Planning Permissions

Joe Yardley BA (hons) MA MSc - Planning Assistant in our Planning and Design teamJoe Yardley BA (hons) MA MSc, Planning and Design Team, looks at the new regulations that have been introduced around Class Q permitted development rights.

This article follows a previous post where we discussed upcoming changes to the Class Q permitted development rights.  On the 21st May 2024, these new regulations governing Class Q permitted development rights were brought in.  Under the new Regulations, buildings do not need to be in current agricultural use to change use, they now merely need to be part of an agricultural unit.

The timeframes involved have moved 10 years. Now a building only needs to have been part of an agricultural unit since July 24th 2023, or if no longer used as such, has not had a non-agricultural use since this date.

The changes have also seen the removal of ‘smaller’ (up to 100sqm) and ‘larger’ dwellings (up to 465sqm). It is possible to create up to 10 dwellings on up to 1,000sqm, with the largest a dwelling can be a maximum of 150sqm.

It is now permissible to extend the rear elevation of a barn onto an area of hardstanding - such extensions can only be single storey and 4m in height and depth. Extensions to side and front elevations are still prohibited.

Clarity has also been given over access: if a suitable access cannot be demonstrated then Class Q will not be granted. All other restrictions remain.

There is a ‘cross-over’ period until 20th May 2025, whereby an application under Class Q can still be made under the old Regulations.

If you are thinking of undertaking development under Class Q and would like professional advice on this new planning consideration, please contact Joe Yardley of Stags Planning and Development department on or 01392 439046.