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Beat the road rage with our roadworks schemes

Beat the road rage with our roadworks schemes

Stags has been representing a number of farmers and landowners along the route of the newly widenend stretch of the A30 at Temple in Cornwall, but as one project draws to a close, new schemes are gathering speed elsewhere in the South West.

New major roadworks schemes are proposed across the West Country; with some at the very early stages of consultation, others are at a more advanced stage of development with route plans starting to be drawn up, so it is now possible to see which properties might be affected. Stags has been in contact with farmers and landowners in Cornwall for the A30 Carland Cross to Chiverton Cross Improvement Scheme, in Somerset for the A358 Taunton to Southfields Improvement Scheme, and in Devon for the A361 Improvement Proposals.

Affected farmers and landowners might not be aware that they are entitled not only to compensation for any losses incurred as a result of the scheme, but also that they can appoint a land agent to represent them in liaising with the Highways Authority and their contractors. Stags can negotiate compensation as well as accommodation works such as access and temporary areas used by contractors during the works. Reasonable agents' fees are covered by the acquiring authority, therefore there should be no cost to the landowner or farmer in appointing Stags as their representative.

Landowners facing loss of land are not the only ones who can benefit from representation; those whose property adjoins the scheme and might be affected by noise, light or dust pollution from the new road could also be entitled to compensation.

Sally Blowey of Stags comments, "The prospect of a new road running through or adjoining your property can be daunting, but Stags' expertise, and in particular our experience in negotiating with acquiring authorities, means we are well placed to represent our clients' interests."

Stags Professional Services team regularly holds informal meetings in areas where a road scheme is likely to affect property and if you would like to be invited to one near you, or if you are concerned that a road scheme might affect your property or business, please contact Stags Professional Services department.