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Animal Health and Welfare Infrastructure Grant: Key facts

Animal Health and Welfare Infrastructure Grant: Key facts

Amelia Dare, of our Tiverton Professional Services team, discusses the key points of the Animal Health and Welfare Infrastructure Grant.

Up to £500,000 of funding will soon become available through the Animal Health and Welfare Infrastructure Grant to build new sheds or to replace ageing cattle sheds with newer, modern facilities. The grant aims to improve calf health and welfare, enhance environmental sustainability and introduce innovation.

Grants of between £15,000 and £500,000 are available, with the money covering up to 40% of the eligible cost of the project. For those who would like solar panels to be installed, this grant will fund the purchase and installation up to 25% of the cost to enable farmers to provide lower cost energy and, in turn, increase profitability.

The grant will also pay a percentage of capital costs such as:

  • A-frame building with four walls;
  • Mono-pitched building with three walls and one open elevation;
  • Permanent open side structures with igloos and hutches; and
  • Other types of building will be considered.  

To be considered as eligible for the scheme, part of the criteria states that you must be an existing cattle farmer with 11 or more cattle and be in management control of the land that the building is on for five years following the completion of the project. It should be noted that new or start-up businesses will not be considered.  

Applications will be opened later this summer, but Defra has announced details of the scheme to enable farmers to start making the initial preparations, such as applying for planning permission.

If you would like advice and help with the application process, contact our Professional Services team on 01884 235701 or, for more information on other services that we offer, head to our website