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7 easy ways to add value to your home

7 easy ways to add value to your home If you're considering selling a property in the South West this year, preparation is key. These 7 easy ways to add value to your home can really make a difference to your asking price.

1. Step outside

First impressions count, so it is important that the exterior of your house reflects your asking price. Even if it’s spotless on the inside, if the façade is looking tired and unloved, your buyers will be questioning its value before they’ve even crossed the threshold. Simple tasks like weeding the front garden, fixing the fence and adding a lick of paint to your windows and gate will help set the tone fo the rest of the viewing.

2. Refresh and repair

Flaky window frames, broken door handles and garish walls are sometimes enough to put a potential viewer off. You might be able see beyond these flaws but you cannot rely on everyone sharing your vision. Instead, do the work for them by completing those odd jobs you’ve been meaning to do for years and sprucing the place up with a lick of paint. When choosing paint colours, avoid bright tones and stick to fresh whites or muted greys instead. 

3. Start from the ground up

Carpets and flooring are often overlooked by owners but can be crucial to potential purchasers. If your carpets are looking tired or are stained in places, it may be worth cleaning or replacing them ahead of marketing your property. If you have wooden floors, these can easily be freshened up by sanding them down and adding a varnish finish. Bear in mind that if your buyer feels they would need to immediately replace the carpets, they would expect this to be reflected in the price so you might benefit from doing this ahead of time.

4. Space: fake it ‘til you make it

Light creates the illusion of space, so if your property is modest in size, injecting as much light into your rooms as possible is paramount.  As light is one of the top five priorities of most UK house hunters, this is a cheap and easy way to increase value. A few ways to making your home appear lighter include cleaning your windows, installing bright energy efficient lights and, if your budget allows, installing a skylight or sliding patio doors. 


5. Repair the roof

Don’t overlook the roof when assessing the overall image of your home. Unlike foundations or pipe work, this is on display for everyone to see so any issues must be addressed. Any visible damage could have an impact on the amount potential buyers are willing to offer, or put them off completely. Replace loose tiles and clear gutters and drains before viewings.

6. Go green

Energy efficiency can be a real selling point and there are some simple ways to add value to your home. Pick up a roll of loft insulation from your local DIY shop to significantly reduce heating bills or consider installing low carbon heating or even solar panels. 

7. Stay safe and secure

Security is another top priority for many house hunters so installing extra measures can help to add value to your home. From keyless locking systems to secure windows, home alarm systems and door or gate cameras, there are plenty of options to suit all properties and areas.

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