Online Property & Land Auctions

Discover an alternative to the traditional property and land auctions. 

Stags online auctions provides a new way to buy and sell property and land, as an alternative to our traditional property auctions. Retaining all the advantages of a conventional auction with competitive bidding, the online platform runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Properties can be easily listed and there is no need to have to wait to join a collective auction. Buyers can bid from anywhere, at any time and are able to bid within the comfort of their own home in less pressurised environment, which many prefer.

Properties are marketed in the usual way, taking advantage of Stags network, website, property portals and regional/national advertising. In addition, properties are marketed via Bamboo who provide the auction platform.

How to bid

To place a bid on a property you will need to click the red 'Register' button below. 

Sign up to receive property alerts

For all other property enquiries or to register with Stags for property alerts please 'create an account' through our website as normal or contact your local office.