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Court Farm, Bishops Tawton, Barnstaple, EX32 0AB hero

Court Farm, Bishops Tawton, Barnstaple, EX32 0AB


 On behalf of Mrs J Waldron

2018 John Deere 6155R 4WD Tractor (WJ18 NJZ/ 3,450 hours/ c/w Front PTO & Linkage/ Rear Tyre 650/65/R42/ Front Tyres 540/65/R30/ Vario Transmission/ Cab & Front Suspension/ Air Con/ 50K/ Recently Fully Serviced)


2009 John Deere 6830 Standard 4WD Tractor (WA09 HVK/ 14,000 hours/ 40K/ Front Suspension/ Rear Tyres 650/65/R38/ Front Tyres 540/65/R28

2015 Case 55 Farmall 4WD Tractor (WJ65 DWA/ 4,900 hours)

2011 TYM 503 4WD Tractor (HX61 AYM)

Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor c/w Cab

2014 JCB TM320S Agri Artic Steer Materials Handler (WA14 AXR/ 8,900 hours)

2016 Broughan 26’ Twin Axle Livestock Trailer (3 Cattle Bays/ Air & Hydraulic Brakes/ No Sheep Decks)

2013 Staines 17 Tonne Twin Axle Silage Trailer (On flotation 550/45/R22.5 Tyres/ Air & Hydraulic Brakes/ Sprung Drawbar/ Hydraulic Tailgate/ Load Sensors)

Staines 17 Tonne  Twin Axle Silage Trailer (Super Single Tyre 44.5/65/R22.5 Tyres/ Air & Hydraulic Brakes/ Sprung Drawbar/ Hydraulic Tailgate/ Load Sensors)

Titan Teagle 7 Tonne Twin Axle Grain Trailer

ETC 6 Tonne Single Axle Grain Trailer

AS Marston 26’ Twin Axle Bale Trailer (Metal floor)

Single Axle ATV Livestock Trailer (190cm x 110cm)

2019 Teagle Titan 9 Rear Discharge FYM Spreader (New on farm)

2019 Vicon Andex 904 Hydro Twin Rota Rake (Bought new on farm)

Gregoire-Besson 5F Reversible Plough (Type RY47 5 160 90/ Auto Reset/ Vari-Width/ approx 3 years old)

2017 Amazone ZA-V Profi Control Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader

2015 Hi-Spec 3000 Gallon Slurry Tanker (Turbo Fill/ 8” & 6” Fill Point/ Rain Gun/ c/w Pipes)

2009 Red Rock 20 Diet Feeder Wagon (Vari-Cut/ In regular use/ Relined 2 years ago/ 2 new Wheel Rims & Tyres)

2008 Amazone KE 403-170 4m Power Harrow c/w Packer Roller)

Watson 12’ Hydraulic Rollers

He-Va 21’ Folding Cambridge Rollers

Opico 2.2 Metre Sward Lifter
Twose 14’ One Pass Cultivator

2008 John Deere 331 Mower Conditioner (Used this year)
1997 John Deere 1360 Trailed Mower Conditioner (Used this year)

Teagle Tomahawk 8080 Dual Chop Trailed Straw Chopper

2012 Storth SMC 800 Contractor Mixer Slurry Stirrer
2012 Storth PTO Slurry Agitator/Pump (Model: SPAF 8-10)

2005 Agrimaster KA2800 Flail Topper
2003 Murska 700S Mobile Grain Crimper

3 x Maxiscrape Yardscrapers

2 Metre 5 Leg Ripper

Twose 14’ One Pass Cultivator
Ritchie Galvanised 6m Hydraulic Folding Chain Harrows
Set of Drag Harrows

Accord 4m Corn Drill (Spares or Repair)
Homemade Link Box c/w A Frame
8’ Spring Tine Vibratiller
Slurry Rain Gun

Becker Woodchuck 80 STU Sand Dispenser
AG 175 Sand Dispenser
7’ Red Rock Shear Grab

Red Rock Alligator 2 Metre 130 Series Shear Grab
Red Rock 6’ 85 Series Shear Grab
Browns Over the Top Bale Squeeze
Albutt 7’ 6” Bucket c/w Suton Yard Brush (New Brush 2 months ago)
X Form Professional 7’ 6” Bucket
2 x Albutt 7’ 6” Buckets

Albutt Eurohook 6’ Muck Grab
2 Metre Tractor Bucket
Grain Bucket
Set of Pallet Forks (Bent)
Big Bale Spike
Bale Spike
10 John Deere Front Tractor Weights

John Deere Front Tractor Weight
Pair of Dual Wheels

Drott 6’ 4 in 1 Bucket (Needs Attention)
Twose 7’ Buckrake (Needs Attention)

Marachalle-Pesage Mobile Cattle Crush & Race (approx 20' long c/w 6 x 10' Galv Gates)
372 Cow Cubicles mostly with Mats (to be sold in situ & buyer to remove) being IAE 24 + 38 (19 Doubles) + 38 (19 Doubles) + 19 + 9 + 15 (8 & 7 Double) + 28 (14 Doubles) + 38 (19 Doubles); Bateman 70 (34 Doubles) + 72 (34 Doubles); & 21
Mobile Cattle Crush c/w Gates

DP Agri Cattle Foot Trimming Crush
IAE Galvanised Cattle Crush c/w Ritchie Head Scoop
Cattle Crush

Greenoak Mobile Milking Machine
John Shepherd 12’ Cattle Feed Barrier/Trough
15’ Single Axle Cattle Feed Trailer
11 15’ Cattle Locking Head Yoke Feed Barriers
4 15’ Galvanised Feed Troughs
4 15’ Cattle Feed Barrier/Troughs
2 IAE 10’ Galvanised Feed Troughs
2 15’ Yearling Feed Barriers
5 Rectangular Cattle Feeders
8’ Rectangular Cattle Feeder
9 8’ Long Concrete Feed Troughs

2 Plastic Homemade 4 Metre Feed Troughs
2 6’ Hook On Galvanised Troughs
Qty of Agrimat Rubber Mats (110cm x 95cm)
Qty of Rubber Mats
Cow Scratching Brush
2 Calving Aids
AI Flask in Wooden Box c/w  10 Straws of Gregor (Aberdeen Angus)

Oito Warm Water Thawer
JFC Volac Milk Mixer (2 Bearings gone)
2 Wyedale Milk Taxi’s (needs attention)
Qty of Galvanised Calf Pens & Fronts

Qty of Calf Milk Buckets
2 Calving Aids
Cattle Husbandry Equipment
2 Milk Plastic Dump Buckets
6 Large Concrete Water Troughs (Approx 210cm x 90cm, 2 300cm x 120cm, 2 330cm x 120cm & 90cm x 75cm)
5 Moore Concrete Water Troughs (150 & 175 Gallon)
Double Plastic Water Troughs
Drinking Bowls
Dairy Wash Up Sink
IBC Half Full of Frequent Footbath Soution
2 IBC's (600L & 200L of Tea Dip Solution)
3 Out Of Parlour Feed Stations

PTO Driven Generator (3 Phase/ Working when last used)
2009 Harlequin Double Bunded Plastic 2500L Fuel Tank c/w New Pump (fitted last year)

Deso V5000 Plastic Water Tank
Plastic Fuel Tank
2 Black Plastic Juice Tanks
Approx 1000 Tyre Walls for Silage Pit
5 Silage Nets
2 15’ x 3 ½ “ Concrete Panels
2 15’ x 4 ½ “ Concrete Panels

Approx 30 Galvanised Yard Gates (different sizes)
Pins & Gate Hangings
5 Motorway Crash Barriers (different sizes)
Granite Trough (140 x 80cm/ Broke)
180cm Granite Roller
2 Grain Augers (4” & 6”/ both approx 20’ long)

Nilfisk Auto Neptune 4 Pressure Washer
Karcher K5 Pressure Washer
ATV Sprayer
Electric Chest Freezer

Allibert Plastic Protective Crash Proof IBC
Selection of Galvanised Tin Doors
‘A’ Frame
Qty of Plastic Drainage Pipe

2 Bird Scarers
Qty of Alkathene Pipe
Spare Tines
Dirty Water Pipes
Qty of IBC’s
Space Heater
Qty Workshop Tools
5 Oak Beams & 6 Oak Lintels

17 x 600KG Bags of Potash
20 x 600KG Bags of 34.5% Nitrogen
5 x 600KG Bags of 42% Nitrogen/ 10% Sulphur Urea
Qty Himalayan Rock Salt Licks
Metal Mollasses Tank (4/5 Full of Mole Ale Mollasses (250cm x 250cm x 250cm))

Approx 300 Bales 6ft x 3ft of Hay June/July 2021 (varying in quality)

Outside entries are invited by permission. 

2017 New Holland LM7.42 Telehandler (3,900 hours)
1998 Toyota Hilux 2.4L Turbo 4wd Pick Up
John Deere 2140 2wd Tractor
2010 Lely 855 Twin Rotor Rake
Ritchie Galvanised 6m Hydraulic Folding Chain Harrows
2014 McConnel 5565 Hedge Trimmer (T Flails, Oil Cooler, XTC Motion electric controls, 1.2m head)
JF Mower Conditioner
Fraser 16T Chaser Bin

2015 Doda HD25 Slurry Pump
Slurry Reel c/w 750m Pipe
Slurry Lagoon Pump
Slurry Pump

Maxiscrape Yard Scraper
30ft Lorry Conversion Bale Trailer (Tri-Axle, Air Brakes, Converted in 2019, 19.5 Tyres, Strap Box, LED Lights & Mudguards)
28ft Twin Axle Bale Trailer (Super Singles + 10 Stud Commercial Axles, LED Lights & Oil Brakes)

3 x Portequip 1.2T Hogg Feeders (Troughs need repair)
2 x 14' Hay Racks

2 x 265-65/18 Goodrich Tyres
4 x 265-60/18 Goodrich Tyres
Bamford 12" Roller Mill
Pro Vac Poo Picker
Link Box for Compact Tractor
Old Wrought Iron Gate
Garden Tipping Trailer
PTO Driven Saw Bench

Auctioneers Chris Clapham 07968 122198, Harvey Pile 07738 116669 or Office 01769 572042