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Top Tips Series: Top Tips - When is the best time to market Farms and Land?

Traditionally the farm and land market was driven by Lady Day and Michaelmas, however times have changed and  the market place is less traditional when it comes to placing farms and land to the market.

Read our five top tips:

  1. Between May and September is the optimum time for marketing: when farms and land are looking at their best.
  2. When is the time is right for the seller?  Timing doesn’t have to be dictated by the seasons: You can start marketing your farm or land when it suits your own situation.
  3. Milder winters and longer autumns allow a longer marketing period and often we are putting land to the market in late autumn, with a growing crop included in the sale.
  4. Being first to the market might also be important. If possible we recommend having photographs taken during the summer before a farm is offered for sale
  5. Finally, all is not lost if you are unable to go to the market between May and September. Very often we have farms and land coming to the market outside these times, which allows buyers to see the farm in different weather conditions.

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