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Standing Straw trade down for second year running

Stags Auctioneers have completed this season’s round of On Site Standing Straw sales and report prices overall down £12 per acre on last year, following last year’s £15 per acre drop. Stags have sold a total of 2034 acres this season including 3 new instructions which was up 413 acres on last year. With more Straw on offer across the region and bales still left over from last year trade was always going to be difficult. The best trade being seen at our very first auction at Affeton Castle, East Worlington, Crediton where several new buyers drove Winter Barley to £77.00 per acre (averaged £74.40) and Winter Wheat to £60 per acre (averaged £56.07). 

With such a good growing year and nearly all crops looking well there was a clear advantage to holding sales On Site where purchasers can see the quality and likely yield of the Standing Straw they are purchasing. 

This year’s overall Top Prices (per acre) and Averages (per acre) were:

Winter Barley Top Price £77.00 Average £59.20 (2014 Average £70.70)

Winter Wheat Top Price £60.00 Average £43.52 (2014 Average £63.58)

Winter Oats Top Price £51.00 Average £41.18 (2014 Average £65.28)

Spring Barley Top Price £51.00 Average £44.92 (2014 Average £46.51)


Overall Top Price £77.00 Average £48.67 (2014 Average (£60.86 and 2013 Average £76.05!)


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