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Stags Agriculture: finding solutions to everyday issues

Stags Agriculture: finding solutions to everyday issues

Stags has over a hundred years experience of farming in the South West. Over the decades we have become experts not only in the sale of farms and land, but in a whole range of ancillary services as well.

As a result, Stags Agriculture is able to offer farmers and landowners a comprehensive range of services, from succession advice to submitting BPS claims, change of use to the sale of farm machinery.

The following case studies show just a little of the depth and breadth of Stags Agriculture. 

To see if we can help you, call us on 01392 680059 for a free, no-obligation discussion with one of our expert staff, now including Lizzie Burton, who recently joined Stags from Kivells, as Head of Professional Services, Exeter.


The issue: Mr D is the owner of a large farm in Devon. Despite having a large capital asset, Mr D does not have cash to enable his son to buy his own property.

The solution: Stags Agriculture identified a land parcel suitable for sale, the disposal of which would have minimal impact on the residual farm. The land was subsequently put on the open market, with a sale achieved within 6 weeks at above well the guide price.

The result: Mr D has enabled his offspring to get a foot on the property ladder, while his farming operations are almost unchanged.


The issue: Mr & Mrs B want to retire from farming. A lifetime in agriculture means that the farm has a good deal of surplus farm machinery.

The solution: Stags On –Site Sales recommended a sale at the farm and suggested inviting outside entries from neighbours to boost the catalogue. The sale attracted strong interest, drawing a crowd from far and wide, with 360 lots sold on the day.

The result: A tidy farm and a healthy cheque for Mr & Mrs B on the day of the sale.


The issue: Mr & Mrs Y wish to rent part of their farm to their son to allow him to move forward with the business, but are put off by the complexity of the process and are worried about being fair to the other siblings.

The solution: Stags Agriculture acted as mediator between the parents and the son to agree Heads of Terms for a new 10 year Farm Business Tenancy (FBT) on the majority of the farm. With Stags acting as an intermediary, both parties were able to benefit from impartial advice, which led to a quicker solution than might otherwise have been expected.

The result: With an agreement down in black & white, Mr & Mrs Y have rented the farm to their son secure in the knowledge that the future of their farm is protected.