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Saving costs with solar

Saving costs with solar

With margins becoming increasingly tight, and profits being driven down by both increasing costs and decreasing outputs, there are potential opportunities in the renewables sector to help make your business more efficient. 

With the reduction of the feed in tariff subsidy paid by the government there is now more of a debate as to whether or not the investment in to solar is in the best interests of the investor. However as the cost of installing the technology has reduced and the cost of electricity to business has either remained constant or increased there is still an opportunity for those businesses with a large electricity usage to cut their costs. 

People often think of the solar technology as field mounted, taking up much needed productive agricultural land, however this is not how it has to be according to Lydia Cox of Stags Professional. ‘There are a variety of possibilities with regard to the siting of the panels, specifically with regard to utilising permitted development rights to mount the panels on commercial buildings, which include agricultural buildings’ she says. ‘the suitable buildings can vary from barns, machinery sheds, grain and vegetable stores, livestock sheds, or even dairy parlours. However we have seen they are best placed where there is a significant electricity usage on site. When this is the case it removes the reliance on government subsidy and makes good business sense all round.’ 

Stags are working alongside Mole Valley Farmer’s Mole Energy, Thomas Westcott Accountants and Natwest to offer their opinion on the potential of renewable energy in terms of planning, tax implications, financing of the project and the technology itself. As a collective, they are running a set of seminars across the South West in June. To find out more please contact Lydia Cox of Stags on 01392 439 046.