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Property "mares"; steps to avoid


Selling any property in a challenging market by definition isn’t easy, but with a more specialist property the number of potential buyers can decrease. It is therefore important to maximize every opportunity to ensure success.  

There are several steps that I believe can help avoid disappointment when selling your equestrian property:

1.Presentation: Although there aren’t many true equestrian properties available, this isn’t an excuse not present your property well. Not even the most ardent equestrian buyer is going to be able to look past specks of manure in the house or rubbish spilling out of the tack room, whilst paying a premium price.

Spending time disposing of rubbish or items no longer required and clearing weeds in the paddocks prior to marketing is time well spent.

2.First Impressions: As with every property many buyers will make up their mind, very quickly, and this is difficult to swing back in your favour once set. 

If you have the chance to redecorate the house and stain the timber around the stables, this will increase your chances even further. If time and funds are constrained, concentrate on the entrance, parking area and front of the property first, while next up is the inside of the house, followed by the stables and buildings.

3.Matching the facilities with size: Although you may have had many happy years at the property, if you need to be able to get your money back from an investment, look to match your facilities with the size of the holding. 

For example, if you have three acres do not build more than two or three stables unless they can be easily converted; keep your facilities versatile. 

4.Location: Access is important; if your facilities are extensive and you have a lot of land, your buyer is likely to have a lorry – can it get to the property?

5.The right agent: There are many reasons for choosing Stags, our staff’s personal local knowledge of horses and equestrian property is just one. So if you are looking to sell your equestrian home, please contact your local office.