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Preparing your property for professional photography

Preparing your property for professional photography

This may not be a huge surprise to hear, but our professional photographers usually get more out of a photoshoot if they have more to work with.  The means that the more time you spend tidying up your property, the better the photographs will look and the better the house will appear online and in the brochure.

Some vendors choose to dress some of the rooms with freshly cut flowers for example and whilst we are not suggesting you have to go that far, here are a few hints and tips to get your home ready for the photographer.

Reception rooms

A general tidy up goes a long way, clear the mantelpiece to get the best shot of a fireplace and give the cushions a quick plump, for example. If you have an open fire or log burner it would be good to have this ready to light for the photographer.

The kitchen

Try to pop tea towels/cleaning products out of view and make sure the washing up is nicely tidied away back in the cupboards. Wherever possible, hide cereal boxes or soft drink bottles in cupboards. The wine can stay in view though – it’s all part of the lifestyle after all!


Spruce up the beds a little; a good shake and smooth down of the duvet will make a bedroom look inviting. Put away laundry, try and keep the top of wardrobes free of boxes/suitcases and tuck those extra bits and bobs under the bed and out of sight.

The bathroom

Bathrooms can be tricky as we all love our toiletries. The easiest thing is to put away any excess products into a cupboard out of view.


If you are lucky enough to have any outdoor space then let’s show it off! Uncover any garden furniture you have, unfold your parasol and get the cushions out of hibernation.  If the weather allows, keep any lawns cut and any noticeable weeds down to a minimum. Also, were possible remove any cars from your driveway whilst the photographs are being taken.

Finally, you know your home better than we do. If there is something you really love about your home that you would like us to try and showcase then let us know.

 We are here to help, get in touch….let’s talk.