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Preparing your property for a viewing

Preparing your property for a viewing


  • De-clutter your property from top to bottom to make it look spacious
  • Open the curtains to let some natural light in
  • Wipe down any surfaces and shelves to remove any dust
  • Ensure any cushions are plumped and neat
  • Ask a friend or neighbour to look after your dog or child for the viewing
  • In the summer open some windows to let some fresh air in. During winter months, light a fire to create a cosy and warm atmosphere
  • Ensure all light bulbs are working, especially any dark cupboards. Leave a couple of lights on in the room as this brightens the room up and creates a relaxed atmosphere
  • Empty all of the bins, so they do not look like they are overflowing
  • Take a look at any fixtures and fittings that may need repairing or replacing such as leaking taps, broken doors and cracked plaster
The Kitchen
  • Ensure all surfaces are tidied and wiped down including no washing up on the draining board
  • Turn off any appliances when you have a viewing such as the dishwasher and washing machine
The Bathroom
  • Clean the bath, sink and toilet, and keep the toilet seat down!
  • Freshen up the bathroom, by putting out clean towels and a fresh bar of soap
The Bedroom
  • Neatly make the beds, tidy away any clutter and make sure curtains and shelves are neat and tidy


  • Sweep up any leaves from pathways and check for loose paving
  • Mow the lawn, so the garden does not look overgrown
  • Fresh Hanging baskets can add some extra colour to your garden
  • Hide away any bins