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Preparing your outside space ready for the sale of your home

Mon 3 August 2020

Our outside space has been a welcomed form of escapism in recent months. However, we have all been guilty from time to time of neglecting these spaces and not giving our gardens the TLC that they deserve. Gardens can be a place of sanctuary and can be just as important as the property itself for potential buyers. Not only is it essential that your home is prepared for property viewings, it is just as important to make sure that your garden is in tip top condition too. 

Below are 8 tips to help you upgrade your garden to increase its appeal to potential buyers.
  1. Lawn mowing and cutting back- Simple things such as mowing the lawn and cutting back overgrown bushes and plants can make a huge impact on the overall tidiness of a garden. Cutting back overgrown shrubbery can also help to make a garden look larger.
  2. Tidy outbuildings- many gardens have the welcomed addition of outbuildings whether in the form of a garden shed, a garage or a summer house. These are all extensions of the garden and require the same attention. Take some time to tidy these spaces as they will be viewed by potential buyers.
  3.  Don’t forget kerb appeal- First impressions count, the presentation of the front of a property often reflects the condition of the rest of the house and garden. Small changes such as removing weeds, sweeping pathways and cleaning or updating house numbers and house name signs can all contribute to improving the outside appearance of your home. 
  4. Pressure wash surfaces- Pressure washing patios can be an easy way to smarten up the appearance of your garden without the need or expense of replacing paving slabs. Similarly, repainting fences and staining decking can update the look of your garden whilst being mindful of cost.
  5. Remove bins- Although common place in a garden, bins can be unsightly and crowd smaller spaces. If possible, hide these out of sight whilst viewings take place.
  6. Inject colour and life into your garden- The use of flowers and plants can help to add colour to an outside space. Planting flowers or placing pot plants can help to brighten up a tired looking garden. 
  7. Privacy- if you feel that your garden is slightly over looked by neighbours, use a trellis, tall plants or a bamboo screen to make the space more private.
  8. Carry out repairs- Over time fences, gates and garden furniture become weathered, worn and broken, take time to carry out any repairs to improve their functionality and appearance. 
The above tips can help enhance the appearance of your outside space, therefore, increasing the saleability of your home.

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