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My Gas safety is due to be renewed. What should I do?

Tue 14 April 2020

Andrew Luxton MRICS FARLA answers a question we are receiving on a regular basis from landlords - what should I do during the current lockdown about gas safety certificate renewals?

An annual gas safety certificate for any rental property is a legal requirement and as such are classified as essential works and should be carried out where possible. This is provided that everyone involved follows social distancing practises and the inspector, tenant, or landlord are not symptomatic at the time.

It is however, recognised that they maybe difficult to arrange due to shortages of gas engineers as well as tenants self isolating or refusing access.

The Government have announced that gas safety certificates can be obtained up to two months prior to the expiration of the current one but still using the original renewal date and therefore one option may be getting the check completed ahead of time.

If a tenant refuses access, is self isolating or there are no available gas engineers able to undertake the check, then this should be documented with all actions taken being recorded. Efforts should then be made to arrange a new check as soon as possible. Provided the landlord has made genuine efforts to arrange access and documented all actions, this should be enough to provide sufficient excuse to the HSE.

If tenants are self isolating a new check may be possible after 14 days, but if they have underlying conditions inspections will have to wait 12 weeks.

The key is to ensure an accurate record is kept of all steps taken and clear documented evidence from the tenant.

For any additional advice on this or any other matter then please contact one of our lettings departments.

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