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Holiday Complexes Department

Holiday Complexes Department

Sell in May if you believe what RBS say?

RBS’s recent note to its clients stated 'sell everything except high quality bonds. This is about return of capital not return on capital.' The note also contained the following cheery quote, 'in a crowded hall, exit doors are small.'

So, having taken their advice and pushed open the exit door what to do with the cash? Suddenly the old adage 'asset rich, cash poor' is reversed. What then are the options for those fortunate to be cash rich? 

Bricks and mortar have over many years proved a safe haven and in the majority of years have seen upward growth in value. The recent surge in the 'Buy to Let' market has resulted in a significant growth in the number of landlords with single properties to those with vast property portfolios. The Chancellor of the Exchequer however spotted this soft target and in his 2015 Autumn Statement proposed and confirmed the introduction of a swingeing range of increases in Stamp Duty on the 'Buy to Let' properties from April 2016. Many forecasters suggest that this factor plus a possible increase in Mortgage Rates during the year could create a significant fall from favour for the 'Buy to Let' sector mirroring the RBS prediction for the Stock Markets. 

So, having taken the exit and pushed against the closing door where to go next with the cash? 

Home and income, now there's a thought! This sector of the leisure market is extensive and offers a diversity of opportunities. Here in the West Country tourism has always proved the backbone of our economy. The move by visitors away from the older style seaside hotels and guest houses has resulted in a significant growth in high quality holiday complexes of all sizes to cater for a new demand. These generally offer well-appointed accommodation and at larger sites facilities such as tennis, swimming pools, indoor games rooms as well as craft pursuits. Such modern holiday complexes are found situated both in glorious countryside as well as in stunning coastal locations.

For obvious reasons tour operators are predicting strong demand for holidays 'at home' in 2016. As a result, investors with cash looking for both growth and return on investment should I believe consider the merits of the purchase of a holiday complex here in the West Country. After all a complex life can still be both pleasing and income generating!