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Government to make it easier for tenants to have pets

Government to make it easier for tenants to have pets In a surprise statement, the Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has announced that he is planning to amend the Government’s model contract to make it easier for tenants to have pets.

This forms part of the Government’s mission to improve quality of life for responsible tenants, recognising that more are renting for longer periods of time. The intention is to overhaul the model tenancy contract to encourage more landlords to consider opening their doors to responsible pet owners while protecting their homes against damage. The model tenancy contract for renters is provided by the Government to use as a basis for agreements between tenants and landlords.

In response to the statement, Andrew Luxton MRICS FARLA, Partner in charge of Stags Residential Lettings department comments, “this is the start of a number of changes in 2020 that will affect the private rented sector. A significant number of Stags’ registered applicants have pets and where possible we would always encourage landlords to consider accommodating them if the property is suitable. In 2019, over 42% of agreed lets by Stags included the ability for the tenants to have pets. It is important that the tenancy agreement and any pet addendums fully outline the tenants’ and landlords’ liabilities and obligations both during and at the end of a tenancy.”  

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