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Farm lettings in Dartmoor

Our professional team in Stags Totnes have recently been involved with re-letting a farm on the southern edge of Dartmoor National Park. The in-country farm comprised approximately 100 acres of pasture land with some arable potential and agricultural buildings.

Stags was pleased to receive a strong number of tenders for the land from a variety of farming enterprises. With uncertainty arising from the change in farm subsidies and high commodity prices, it was encouraging to see that many of the tenders were from young farmers as well as local farmers. The farm appeared to be very popular because it had the potential to be run as an independent farming business or, alternatively, as additional ground to an existing farm business. A particular draw was its ability to provide richer pasture for finishing hill stock.

Farms and common land within Dartmoor National Park are able to access additional grant funding introduced by DEFRA, for example, the Farming in Protected Landscapes grant scheme for farmers and land managers. The scheme is part of the Agricultural Transition Plan and aims to support nature recovery, mitigate climate change impacts, encourage the public to access and experience the landscape and cultural heritage as well as support farmers and land managers with sustainable farm businesses. The scheme is open to individuals and organisations and is not part of an agri-environment scheme, meaning it will not affect an applicant’s ability to enter new Environmental Land Management Schemes.  This scheme has been running since July 2021 and remains open until March 2023, with projects having to finish by 2024.

Stags has a team of rural professionals across Dartmoor and the South West who would be happy to help with any farm and land lettings and can also provide advice and support with environmental subsidies, basic payment and grant applications. Please contact Stags Professional Services on 01803 862002 for advice or support.