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Do you farm or own land under the Broadclyst to Hawkchurch Pylon Line?

Do you farm or own land under the Broadclyst to Hawkchurch Pylon Line?

The countryside is crossed with electricity pylons, cables and associated infrastructure, not least by National Grid’s transmission network which provides for homes and businesses nationwide.

The national electricity transmission system in England and Wales is owned by National Grid and consists of around 4,474 miles of overhead line. The pylons, which dominate the landscape in many areas, are subject to routine repair such as replacement of insulators and conductors (wires) or painting and replacement of steelwork.

National Grid have intentions to fully refurbish the transmission line between Broadclyst (Exeter) and Hawkchurch (Axminster), with works due to commence in the spring of 2021. This is just one of a number of future and current infrastructure projects in the South West.

Existing wayleave (annual) or easement (permanent right) agreements held with landowners allow National Grid to access their infrastructure for repairs. Each agreement gives National Grid the right to come on to land and carry out their works, provided they work within the bounds of the agreement. Although National Grid aims to minimise disruption, dictating factors such as the weather and frequent heavy vehicle movement can result in damages to your land, boundaries and access routes. If this is the case, it is important you are fully compensated and your land is fully restored.

If you think you might be affected by National Grid’s pylon rewiring scheme between Broadclyst and Hawkchurch, Stags can act on your behalf to obtain the compensation that would be payable to you in due course as a result of disturbance, damage to crops, etc. National Grid will also cover agent’s fees.

We are well practised in acting for farmers and landowners affected by service providers so please contact Emily Woodruff of Stags ( or 01884 235 701).