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Could holiday letting fund your house by the water?

Could holiday letting fund your house by the water?

Harriet Pagan of Blue Chip Holidays investigates the options for owners.

A holiday property investment can be a smart financial move as well as a wonderful lifestyle choice. Here at Blue Chip Holidays, we work with many property owners investing in a holiday let with long-term goals in mind. Significant numbers of owners are buying now with a view to retiring to a particularly well-loved area in the future. This enables them to secure the property they love sooner rather than later. Holiday letting helps to cover the costs of ownership and also provides them with a base they can visit for holidays themselves. If they can refurbish the property or the market rises in the area, then there is also the welcome chance of an uplift in the value of the investment.

The level of service you choose from your lettings agent depends on how involved you would like to be in the holiday letting process. If you live abroad or far away from your holiday property, then there are full-service holiday letting options available in the South West. Having said that, many of our owners enjoy the interaction that they have with their guests, taking pride in sharing local knowledge with visitors.

So where – and what – to buy? It’s wise to focus on locations where house prices are consistent or on the rise. For our clients, we often provide advice throughout the whole process of buying, making improvements and maintaining the property. We have a good idea of the ways that you can not only increase a property’s rental income but also protect its market value long-term.

Of course, it’s easy for holiday letting agents to recommend the best places to buy a holiday home. But location is an important factor for the owner, too, as there is every chance you too will be spending a lot of time there. If you market your property with Blue Chip Holidays, you’ll have a generous amount of personal use of the property and you’ll also be able to take advantage of our Last-Minute Licence. This is your opportunity to book time in your own property, if it is available last minute. When considering the best places to buy, look at up-and-coming areas as well as established holiday hotspots. Properties there are likely to be more affordably priced, giving you a higher return on your investment and greater potential for capital appreciation.

Above all, a holiday property investment can be a more pleasurable way to dip your toe into the buy-to-let market, because it allows you to have a place of your own that you can visit with family and friends on occasion. So be sure to pick a location that you love and will enjoy visiting.

Research suggests that owners of holiday properties more than three hours’ drive from their main home are less likely to make the journey. It’s those within a two-hour drive of their holiday bolthole that seem to get the most personal use and therefore enjoyment out of their investment.

Holiday letting can also power your dreams and adventures. We work with many owners who let out their main home to holidaymakers. The income from this funds adventures and travel plans both in the UK or abroad.

The job of any holiday letting agency is to remove the hard work and worry from letting a holiday property. At Blue Chip, we encourage owners to enjoy the process, even from a distance. It can be hugely rewarding to read your guest reviews, observe your property’s performance and even interact with guests if you wihs to do so.

If you’re looking for purchasing advice or want to know if holiday letting can work for you, please contact the Blue Chip Holidays team. 

Harriet Pagan is Owner Communications Executive at Blue Chip Holidays: 03339 205408 |