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Cleaning checklist to help avoid issues at the end of the tenancy

Cleaning checklist to help avoid issues at the end of the tenancy Finding that your property has been left unclean and unkept at the end of a tenancy can be a nightmare for any Landlord, this often leads to costly and time-consuming preparation to ensure the property is ready for the next tenants.
Stags lettings team is continually advising tenants to thoroughly prepare their rented properties ahead of their departure at the end of their tenancy.

If you are a tenant who is reaching the end of a tenancy agreement or a landlord who is preparing to let a property, these top tips can help prevent such issues occurring.

1.    Check your tenancy agreement- although it goes without saying that you should leave a rental property in the same condition as when you first moved in, it is important to check your tenancy agreement as it will stipulate how the house should be left. This usually refers to repairing or replacing any damage that may have been caused during your time living in the property. This will help to ensure that you receive your full deposit. 

2.    Empty rooms- leave the deep cleaning until after you have removed all of your furniture. When a house is full of furniture it is often difficult to clean all of the hard to reach areas. Removing your furniture first will make it quicker and easier to reach all of the places you need to ensure are clean before you move out. 

3.    Flooring- Our hard floors and carpets usually bear the brunt of heavy traffic moving in and around our home so it is no surprise that they can easily become dirty and stained. Extensive vacuuming or mopping is essential to prepare your rental home for when you move out but this often isn’t enough to remove marks and odours. Consider using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner or getting carpets professionally cleaned.

4.    Cobwebs- cobwebs are usually out of sight, out of mind, start your cleaning from the top of the room and work your way down. This will also help to avoid dust and cobwebs falling of surfaces that you’ve already cleaned. Remember light fittings and curtain poles too!

5.    Curtains and blinds- Consider washing curtains and wiping down any blinds in the property. Curtains can become stained and trap odours and blinds often become dusty and marked.

6.    Mirrors and windows- Polish any glass surfaces such as mirrors and windows to ensure they are sparklingly clean and free from smears. Make sure windows are cleaned both inside and out. 

7.    Dust and polish- Dusting and polishing surfaces is an easy way to contribute towards the cleanliness of a property. Don’t forget- window sills, door frames, curtain poles and skirting boards!

8.    Kitchen appliances- Kitchen appliances such as ovens and fridge/freezers get used every day and can become heavily soiled if not kept on top of. Ensure that these have been deep cleaned and degreased ready for the next tenants to use. It could be worthwhile considering getting the oven professionally cleaned if it is particularly messy. 

9.    Sinks and plugholes- sinks are used heavily everyday and plugholes can cause lingering smells in the kitchen and bathroom. Make sure to thoroughly clean these and unclog plugholes by using detergents to eradicate smells. 

10.   Countertops and cupboards doors- countertops often get covered in food and liquids and these can sometimes spill down onto our kitchen cupboard doors. Wipe down all countertops and cupboard doors thoroughly and don’t forget the kickboards too. 

11.    Empty drawers- whether in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom check all cupboards and draws are empty and give them a good wipe clean. 

12.   Tiles and splashbacks- Wipe down kitchen tiles and splashback making sure that they are degreased and polished. Also remember bathroom tiles too, paying attention to any mould or mildew that might have formed in the grouting. 

13.    Door handles- Now more than ever it is important to sanitise surfaces, especially door handles that get used every day. Before you leave the property ensure that these have been wiped down in each room.

14.    Final check- Before you close the door one last time and return the keys to your letting agent or landlord, walk around each room to double check that drawers are empty and you haven’t missed any spots!

For more information or advice contact a member of our team who will be happy to help.