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BPS 2019 payments

BPS 2019 payments The BPS payment window is now open. It is expected that 90% of claimants will be paid by 31 December, which means that some will not receive their payment until the New Year.

Those expected to take longer to process include anyone who has had a physical or remote sensing inspection, claimants with common land and larger claims, which take more time to process.

The payment rate for 2019 is slightly more than 2018: non SDA £232.88/ha, SDA £231.15/ha and SDA moorland £63.42/ha.

You can check the progress of your claim at any time on the rural payments system. If one of the Stags team has completed your claim, please let us know when you receive the claim statement so that we can ensure you have been paid correctly.

For more information, please contact Stags Professional Services department.