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Basic Payment Scheme Progress Report

Basic Payment Scheme Progress Report

Following the flurry of activity leading up to 15th June, the RPA are steadily processing BP5 applications, entitlement transfers and land amendment forms, reports Lizzie Burton, newly appointed Head of Professional Services at Stags Exeter office. “We are advised that 90% of land amendments have now been completed in the UK, but less than 5% of our entitlement transfer requests have yet been completed. This may be because transferees must be confirmed as being ‘active farmers’ before the transfer can be completed. The transferee’s BP5 form will therefore need to be processed before the entitlements can be transferred”. 

Lizzie continues “We are now receiving growing numbers of queries from the RPA regarding BP5 form entries, suggesting that they are indeed processing the applications. This week the RPA have confirmed their intention to release payments to most applicants at the end of December to early January 2016, but there are of course no guarantees and we advise caution with regard to financial planning” 

If you have any queries or concerns regarding your Basic Payment Scheme application please do not hesitate to contact your local Stags professional office on 01392 439046 for Devon, Somerset and Dorset or 01555 771808 for Cornwall.