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8 Top Tips for Summer Garden Maintenance in Rented Properties

8 Top Tips for Summer Garden Maintenance in Rented Properties

Polly Jasper, Associate and Lettings Training and Support AssistantPolly Jasper, Associate and Lettings Training and Support Assistant, looks at some key points for tenants to remember now that summer has arrived.

These 8 tips for tenants could help avoid garden disputes

As the weather improves and we experience sunshine, showers and a warmer climate everyone will see their grass grow and the weeds multiple overnight!  However, when the weather is good, nothing beats the great outdoors, and for those lucky enough to have outside space, you don’t need to venture far to get the benefits. Being outside brings a host of well-documented health benefits, but take a moment to consider your tenancy agreement first.

When it comes to maintenance, the latest Tenancy Dispute Scheme (TDS) garden maintenance poll confirms that there is often confusion surrounding who is responsible for garden upkeep so it is important that whether a tenant or a landlord you know your responsibilities.

What is the tenant’s responsibility?

Much of the basic upkeep in a rental property garden tends to be the tenant’s responsibility with most tenancy agreements usually stating that it is the tenant who is responsible for keeping the garden clear of rubbish, mowing the lawn and maintaining the garden to a reasonable standard, in keeping with the season of the year.

What is the landlord’s responsibility?

Larger tasks such as cutting back trees or installing new fencing would usually be the landlord’s responsibility and would not be expected to be performed by the tenant.  It is important the landlord provides a detailed tenancy agreement garden maintenance clause, including clearly stating any garden maintenance charge, so that both parties are aware of their responsibilities.

What are the key points for garden maintenance during the summer months?

1)      Check the condition of the garden at the start and at the end of the tenancy, a good inventory and schedule will detail the gardens condition with photos, which can be used as a reference during the tenancy and at the end of tenancy garden check.

2)      Your Landlord will expect that the garden is kept tidy, and this includes regular lawn care such as mowing, as well as tending to any borders and established shrubbery.

3)      If you would to try your hand at gardening, check with your landlord/letting agent before planting anything. It may be a good idea to use moveable pots and planters, which you can then take with you to your next home. 

4)      If you have children, it’s also likely that they will be keen to play outside during the warmer months, and these days the popularity of garden equipment such as large trampolines, football goals, and paddling pools are making staying at home more fun than ever. However, whilst the majority of Landlords will be more than happy to let you install such play items for your children’s benefit, it is important that you ask your landlord/letting agent permission beforehand.

5)      Be mindful about keeping your neighbours happy, if you plan to have any get-togethers this summer, bear in mind noise travels, especially when doors and windows are open during the summer months.

6)      If you notice any damage during your tenancy, such as broken fencing then please inform your landlord/letting agent immediately, so it doesn’t become a bigger issue later down the line.

7)      Check if your landlords are supplying garden tools/equipment for you to use, if not, it’s your responsibility as tenants to have the correct garden equipment/tools to carry out garden tasks, such as mowing lawns/weeding etc.

8)      Finally - don’t forget security: If you’re lucky enough to be taking a trip this summer, remember to take security precautions. Burglars are known to target vacant homes, so think about using timed light switches and other devices to deter any break-ins whilst you’re away. Make sure any security lights are working, and take advantage of alarms or systems that are in place to protect your home. Don’t forget to double-check that all doors and windows are closed and locked before you head off on your holidays.

As bonded members of ARLA, RICS and TDS, Stags always acts within strict codes of conduct and ensures tenant deposit money is protected.  With over 150 years of experience, Stags lettings department is expertly placed to find you the perfect rental home and ensure tenancy goes smoothly while you are there.  As a result of our comprehensive lettings management, following the trend of previous years, in 2023, Stags reported less than 1% of all tenancies ending in a dispute that required adjudication by a third party.

If you are looking for a rental property, or have any questions about tenancies, then please contact your local Stags Lettings office where our knowledgeable team would be happy to help.