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5 top tips to prepare your pet-friendly home for viewings

5 top tips to prepare your pet-friendly home for viewings As a nation of animal lovers, most of us know that owning a pet can bring many positives to our day to day life, but when it comes to selling your home not everyone will see the benefits of having pets in your property. 

Here are some top tips to help you prepare your home for a viewing:

1.    Consider asking a friend or member of your family to look after your pet during viewings. Unless your pet is well behaved, it may be sensible to relocate them whilst the viewing takes place. As much as we love our own animals bear in mind that certain pets maybe be off putting for potential buyers.

2.    Similarly, removing items such as feeding bowls, litter trays and pet toys will not only help to declutter and maximise space but will also ensure that the attention of the potential buyers isn’t focused on the pets living in your home. 

3.    Clean your home to avoid any unwanted pet related odours or stains. Although it is common knowledge that cleanliness of your home is important for the success of a viewing, when owning a pet this point is more important than ever. As much as we love our four-legged friends, there is no doubt that they can cause unwanted odours and mess. It maybe wise to have carpets and floors professionally cleaned, open windows and use plugins to eliminate odours prior to viewings.

4.    Not only is surface cleanliness something to consider but your pet may have caused cosmetic damage to your home that may be worth paying attention to. Consider replacing any damaged carpets or flooring.

5.    Lastly, it is easy to focus on the mark that pets can leave internally but it is also important to focus on your external space too. If you are trying to minimise the presence of your pet inside your home, there may also be external clues in your garden. Make sure you tidy away any toys and clean up after them too!

There are many factors that help with the successful sale of your home, awareness of a potential buyers perspective can be key, the tips above can help to prepare your pet-loving home for viewings.

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