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5 top tips for viewing an unfurnished property

5 top tips for viewing an unfurnished property

An empty house can seem daunting to potential buyers as a lack of furnishings can leave a home feeling cold and empty, making it hard to envisage living your day to day life there. However, viewing an unfurnished property doesn’t need to be seen as a scary prospect, think of it as a clean sheet. 

Below are some top tips to consider when viewing a blank canvas: 

  1. Don’t be put off by photographs of empty rooms - it is easy to dismiss an empty property when searching for your dream home online. Although the photographs are easy to overlook in comparison to homes with inspiring interiors, an empty house should be seen as an opportunity to use your imagination, to envisage how you can put your own stamp on the place. 
  2. A blank canvas - viewing an empty property allows you to gauge the true size and dimensions of each room. Sometimes it can be distracting trying to see through another person’s décor and furnishings, especially if they aren’t to your taste. Use this opportunity to truly visualise this space as your own.
  3. Flexibility – an empty property can very often provide greater flexibility in terms of the sales process, particularly when it comes to arranging a moving in date.
  4. Avoid assuming the worst when considering why the property is empty - it could be a second home, or a forced sale due to a family bereavement. 
  5. Transparency - Not only does an empty property show its true size but it also helps to shed light on the true condition of the property, furnishings can’t be used to hide blemishes on carpets, walls, kitchen cabinets or the bathroom suite!

We understand that searching for your new house can be overwhelming but don’t let the thought of viewing an unfurnished property put you off of finding your dream home. We are here to help, get in touch….let’s talk.