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10 reasons to choose a house by the sea

10 reasons to choose a house by the sea

Are you on the fence about relocating to the glorious West Country coastline? These top 10 perks are sure to tip you over the edge.

1. Weather

The climate beside the sea is often better than it is just a few miles inland. Keen gardens will certainly appreciate the slightly cooler summers and mild winters of a maratime climate in which ice and snow are exceedingly rare and tropical plants thrive. 

2. Getting out on the water 

As Ratty wisely said, “there is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” Living near the coast allows you to check the wind, weather and tide by simply opening a window rather than driving to the boat only to discover that weather forecast has let you down once again. In addition to this, many popular harbours will only let moorings to local residents, a definite perk for keen boaters. 

3. Ever-changing outlook 

A sea view offers an ever-changing outlook on the world. Twice a day the tide will ebb and flow with reassuring regularity and while a rural outlook will change with the seasons, a watery outlook is guaranteed to change by the minute. There’s nothing quite like getting up every morning to see the sun rising over the crystal blue sea and watch the ocean blowing in the breeze.

4. Family and friends

Recent economic and geopolitical influences have increased the popularity of ‘staycations’ and the desirability of holidaying in South West has never been more popular. A home near the sea will ensure you see a constant procession of weekend guests in search of a slice of your lifestyle and with thousands of rowing, sailing and yacht clubs dotted along the coastlines, your social circle is likely to include lifelong friends with shared interests and passions.

5. Seafood 

If you are lucky enough to live on the coast, you might not appreciate just how difficult it can be to find fresh seafood inland. When you live beside the sea you can enjoy fresh seafood in your own kitchen or in the plethora of fantastic restaurants along the coast. 

6. Seasons 

With each turn of the seasons, the coastline takes on a new meaning. While summer by the sea is picturesque and popular among residents and tourists alike, winter promises long windswept walks along empty beaches and a considerably more laid back feel.

7. Sense of community 

Coastal communities have always enjoyed a strong sense of self and spirit. When you move to the seaside you will quickly notice that, unlike in most towns, people actually say good morning to strangers. Yes, really.

8. Fashion 

The popularity of the traditional British seaside is enjoying a resurgence of late, partly inspired by the fashionable catalogues of Joules, Boden and Crew. Cornish sailor Ben Ainslie appears to have inspired a new generation of sailors by his exploits during the Americas Cup, making this watersport even cooler than it already was! 

9. Health 

Living by the coast means that you have ample recreational activities on your doorstep. Hobbies such as surfing, swimming, sailing, fishing and kayaking are all fantastic health and wellbeing boosters, especially when coupled with the well-known medicinal qualities in fresh sea air. Charged with oxygen-absorbing negative ions, simply breathing the sea air alone can help lift mood, decrease stress levels and encourage a better night's sleep. 

10. A lucrative and interesting investment vehicle

Savvy investors are constantly attracted to the generous returns available from the holiday or short let market and are considering waterside property as a more lucrative and interesting investment vehicle than inland alternatives. 

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